Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 XSD Schemas

CDAR2 is module developed to ease the conversion to Clinical Documents to conform with the HL7 standard. CDAR2 is an XML-based module which automatically checks the conformity of any document in a one-step manner.


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VirtualHumanApp is an application developed to simplify the way we easily recognize anatomic changes in the body. The app is equipped with a user interface to easily interact with the body to improved performance. VirtualHumanApp is an example of the next-generation of a patient interactive systems mobile application.


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OpenMRS_NLP is a module designed to handle Visit Note Analysis. An OpenMRS-based platform which recognizes Problem, Treatment and Test entities in patients visit notes in their original forms. OpenMRS_NLP provides a UI which presents summary information to allow Healthcare Professional to quickly identify the information of interest.

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OpenMRS is an Electronic Medical Record System which was specifically developed curtail the uprising of diseases such as HIV and some of other diseases battling developing nations in the world. Researchers at Purkayastha Laboratory played a pivotal role in the development of various modules of OpenMRS, such as the Radiological Module.

 OpenMRS, is a web-based system that can be accessed any where in the world, and it has the capability to perform most of the Clinical and operational function that is expected of an Electronic Medical Record System.




As part of our research on ‘Customizing Radiology Images to Improve Patient-Provider-Radiologist Communication, we developed a software at Purkayastha Laboratory to perform a two-way conversion of image format between JPEG and DICOM with any loss of of the Digital signatures that accompany the DICOM images. JPG2DICOM, combines all the functionalities of some of the existing image conversion softwares to allow us modify the images for the consumption of the patients who may or may not have little or no knowledge of basic human anatomy.

We are currently working on JPG2DICOM to improve user experience as well as the enhancing the functionalities. All of these would be available when JPG2DICOM 2.0 is released.


This is an android application developed to function as a tracker capture application based on District Health Information System 2(DHIS2). mHBS_tracker is customized for a mobile Helping Babies Survive(mHBS) project. The application leverages on differentDHIS2 packages such as:

  • dhis2-android-sdk
  • dhis2-android-trackercapture
  • dhis2-android-new-sdk
  • dhis2-android-sdk includes the following:
    • Representations of data models such as Data Elements, Events, etc.
    • Existing implementations for connection to DHIS 2 server for retrieving data and sending data.
    • Local persistence for offline support.
    • Services for automatic background synchronization with server.
    • Reusable User Interface elements such as widgets and Login Activity.

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This application allows authentication through Central Authentication Service(CAS). The module is based on OpenMRS. Casauth is designed to make provision for login, validation and logout to improve security.

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OWA_COPD is a Clinical Practice Guideline application for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)  based on OpenMRS, an open source Electronic Health Record(EHR) system.


Consumer Mediated HIE Module (CMHIE)