• Dr. Purkayastha along with Dr. Janga received an NLM R25 grant of $625,000 to train the next generation of biomedical data scientists through summer internship programs

Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

We research Human-AI collaboration in Medicine for Radiology, Pathology, EHR data and Clinical workflows.

mHealth applications

We develop and study implementations of mobile applications related to mental health, pediatrics, exercise, and patient engagement.

Health Information Infrastructure

We develop information systems that store, process and analyze health information such as OpenMRS, OpenEMR, DHIS2 and LibreHealth.

Cybersecurity for Healthcare

We research cybersecurity issues and solutions to improve protection of healthcare data.

Interdisciplinary Education Research

We do discipline-based education research and team science in health informatics.

List of grants

Software developed

Our Team

Saptarshi Purkayastha

Principal investigator,
associate professor

Judy Gichoya, MD, MS

Associate Researcher,
Radiologist – EMORY UNIV.

John Burns, PMP, MS

Director of Informatics – Dept. of RadIOLOGY,

Rob Quick

Associate Director of CIRC, PHD STUDENT

Atika Paddo

PhD student

Khushboo Chandnani

MS HCI student

Sadia Afreen

program assistant,
MSHI student

Amulya Veldandi

MS HI Student

Ria Raju

MS HI student

Deepishka Pemmasani

MS HI student

Kalp Patel

MS HI Student

Rakshith Reddy Kota

MS HCI student

Pallavi Telu

MSHI student

Kevin Chen

MS HI student

Satyavathi Surapureddy

MS HI Student